New Patient Forms

If you are a new client to Oak Lake Wellness you will need to schedule an intake appointment. An intake appointment is your first initial appointment with your counselor. Please expect to spend about 45-60 minutes for this appointment.

Click here to schedule your initial intake appointment


Once you have scheduled your initial intake, you will receive an email and invite to complete the intake forms via my secure client portal. 

Consent for Treatment From (1)

Please complete this form if you are a new patient.

This form is used to review the policies of the office and to gain your consent form treatment. You should also read over the Patient's Rights & Responsibilities document (below). 

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Patient's Rights & Responsibilities

Please read over this document about your rights and responsibilities as a patient of Oak Lake Wellness.

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Please email your forms

Forms can be emailed to:

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Demographic Information Form (2)

Please complete this form if you are a new patient.

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Self-Assessment Form (3)

Please  complete this form if you are a new patient.

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Release of Information Form (optional)

This form is ONLY used if you consent to have your information shared with another party (some patients use this form so that their counselor can communicate with their primary care doctor or physician).

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Patient's who do not wish to use the secure client portal, can request access to the forms (below) by emailing: